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2 Years ago
The best Overwatch characters in each classThe best Overwatch characters in each class
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I don't understand Overwatch.

That may seem hypocritical coming from someone who plays Battleborn every now and then, but I understand that. It has varied characters, it's colourful, and it's serving a retro niche that I desire. I'll be the first to admit it's only above average, though. I'm not going to buy bedsheets with it on and it's not going to replace my gaming mainstays. It's a bit of fun to fit in between other things.

The fervour surrounding Battleborn, though? I mentioned that Blizzard hire people for their sociological expertise, and it shows. The whole company is based around tapdancing on the edge of a person's will, and laughing about it.

Frankly, Overwatch is average.

I played it. I gave it a shot. The thing is? It's not a bad game. It's just incredibly mediocre. I just found the characters, level design, and gameplay to be a bit boring compared to TF2. And I found the UI to be a big, cluttered mess (but when could Blizzard ever design a user interface, anyway?).

And there's the fervour. The fervour though seems to be focused on two points: a.) I like waifu porn, so Overwatch is a good game, and b.) 'nah, that brainwashing stuff has no effect on me.' The latter being combined with a religious, zealous, firey fervour to defend Overwatch on every site. And whenever people say that it's just mediocre, there's always a brigade to make sure that they burn in fire for it. Which really proves the point.

Blizzard is good at making average games, but then they tap into the straight, male, extraverted subconscious and create a shallow, addictive thing that's designed to pretty much brainwash them. And then they tie a very average game into that.

Social engineering has been around for aeons, but only psych students really knew of it. I remember back around the time of Wrath of the Lich King, I pointed it out about WoW and its skinnerbox model. I remember some commenter over on another PC gaming site laughing and saying "My college doesn't do computer engineering, perhaps I should try and sign up for this 'social engineering' thing instead, eh?"

Of course, by this point you can just pop 'social engineering' into Google and learn all about it. Different times, I suppose. I don't like being vilified for being knowledgeable, but social engineering and brainwashing is exactly what Blizzard uses to turn an average game into a ritualistic, sun-worshipping cult.

I don't like Overwatch. Not because it's a mediocre game (and it's really no skin off my nose whether it exists or not, because I like people having things that make them happy), but because it reminds me of how easily swayed and brainwashed people are without ever realising it. You can enjoy something without becoming a brainwashed herd.

Sadly, Blizzard games and brainwashed herds are synonymous. Because that's what Blizzard wants. Ignorance is an incredible thing. I guess it just scares me, I think. After all this evidence of Blizzard manipulating people, it still works.

I remember a mother let her kids die because of her addiction to WoW. I remember reading about that. That was a very real thing, but most WoW players would threaten to kill you violently for even suggesting that that was anything more than a delusion.

I guess this is why I can't get behind a Blizzard game. It always feels like joining a cult. I don't want to join a cult, okay?

I have enough troubles in my life without joining cults on top of it.
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So you're telling me Gays, Females, And Introverts don't play Blizzard games. "Blizzard is good at making average games, but then they tap into the straight, male, extraverted subconscious and create a shallow, addictive thing that's designed to pretty much brainwash them." Guess my girlfriend has been lying to me all this time since she plays and loves Overwatch.

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