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1 Year ago
Crusaders of the Lost Idols review snippet How funny is Crusaders of the Lost Idols?
Is one of those games called clickers/iddlers even when it most the 2nd one, you won't need to click that much, maybe the first 5 minutes of game till you unlock the next crusaders which attacks without clicking and so the rest, and for some random side mission for get some loot it might ask you to perform certain amount of click, but is not all the time and there's no obligation doing it. Dialogues can be funny sometimes, and name of mobs (parody to known characters of shows, movies, etc). Now the game is the most addictive i've ever seen and even when it does become repetitive at some point you can always get new stuff, and the game keep updating with new events, materials, crusaders, all the time. So was you reach "end game" most likely there is 1 or 2 updates already released so no "end game" YET. Beside it will take you a lot of time to get everything. Myself is being playing for the past 16 days but i've talked with people who's been playing since it came out (almost 2 years ago) and even when they are WAAAAAY too away from where i'm now they still don't have everything (but sure they have most of it). Give it a try and have fun with COTLI :)
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