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Mentioum responded to Delusibeta's comment in
3 Years ago
Knowing UemeU: the "ultimate sandbox" for Minecraft graduatesKnowing UemeU: the "ultimate sandbox" for Minecraft graduates
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Sounds interesting, but I wonder if they can deliver.

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Well we will do our best. We will be going to GDC so no doubt there will be some news leaking about some big stuff happening with UemeU and Omnigon Games ;)

As far as delivering... We also feel a little burnt by underdeveloped "Beta" indie titles which feel like they wont ever deliver.

We hope that you can trust us, we believe we can deliver, and we are being as open and honest with our issues as we go. We hope we are setting a good example by still being in Alpha despite being more stable than several un-named "Beta" and early access programs already asking for money to play.

By having a very open free demo, being transparent with our community about our development progress, and being honest and realistic about the state of our game - we hope that you'll come to trust us as a small and ambitious indie studio :)

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4 Years ago
We've got a load of Hearthstone beta keys and PLEASE NO RUNNING - UPDATE: they're all goneWe've got a load of Hearthstone beta keys and PLEASE NO RUNNING - UPDATE: they're all gone
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Joining the queue, although I suspect today's 600 has already been allocated.

Also, the website is really quite borked.

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