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2 Years ago
What's killing World Of Warcraft?What's killing World Of Warcraft?
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Time, and a stale formula.

I had played from the first stress test around 2004 tell the Burning Crusade. Over the years I had went back to it more than a few times but never with the zest of Vanilla WoW.

I still remeber playing for 23 hours with my ex wife, ordering pizza twice and finally when we reached our first instance "The Wailing Caverns" it felt like an actual real adventure I can still remeber that feeling of exploration and excitement.

But then it was just more and more, bigger armors, bigger raids, everything needs to glow or be on fire or have some kind of over the top aniamtion drooling off of it!

I tried all the expansions except for the last two and it just was never the same. And I know I'm not the only person that feels this way, I would even go back and play if there was a Vanilla server, I miss the simplicty it had. Good times.

And on second thought soooo many people played WOW and played it so much more than any game they have every played I'm pretty sure it's just played out with a large majority of us. My group of 5-6 people had spent 3-8kish hours each and none of us have any desire to ever go back.
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so many people agree with everything you just said. /nod

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