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3 Years ago
Topic of the Week: What are your fondest memories of Minecraft so far?Topic of the Week: What are your fondest memories of Minecraft so far?
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I used to play Minecraft with a friend. I don't much talk to this friend anymore, nor do I play much Minecraft anymore, but rest assured there was a time when I both played Minecraft and talked to this friend. We were both quite good at getting ahead item-wise in public survival servers, which was fortunate for us because we also had big mouths.

My friend (We'll call him Nikolai) decided to chat up some of our neighbors in his own, special Russian way, and somewhere along the line managed to make them very upset. It was easily apparent, though, that they couldn't have been much older than 13 or 14 from the way they carried their presence online. What's more, they started talking shit to ME, who had nothing to do with their verbal engagement with Nikolai. After some clever exchanges of words, they agree to teleport us into their base for a showdown. The match-up looks something like this:

2 x Diamond Tier, 3rd tier Enchants vs 5 x Iron Gear, no Enchants

Needless to say, they were murdered, brutally, repeatedly, then we took their table and books and left. And called them gaylords. And it was the most satisfying interaction I've ever had online.

i might be a psychopath

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Nono, no "might" about it. You are. :P

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