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2 Years ago
The best Minecraft serversThe best Minecraft servers
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I play on this awesome server called TrekCraft! It has towny, factions, and are currently working on skyblock! We have 70+ plugins on each server, and are open 24/7.
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"I play on this awesome server called TrekCraft!"

2 seconds later,

"WE have 70+ plugins."

Way to blow your cover.

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1 Year ago
Can you build a PC to match the new PS4 Pro's price and performance?Can you build a PC to match the new PS4 Pro's price and performance?
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I'm curious about number 2. I've always played on a console (since NES days) and I have a PC as well but not powerful to perform better than current-gen consoles. Just enough to play some last-gen (PS3/XBOX360) games.

Let's say PS5 gets released on a $400 price tag on year 2020 for example. Will the PC upgrade that I will have to do to play PS5 games (or whatever games on that generation) cost me less than or equal to $400?

That's always the question that I have.

If within 10 years, 3 consoles get released for $400 each. Total cost is $1200 on consoles alone. Meanwhile, in 10 years as well, how much do I have to spend on PC plus the upgrades?

I'm not counting the cost of games (steam sales) since I've always purchased physical copies whether PC or console, not digital (Internet sucks here in our country).


I know PC can do much more things other than playing games but I'm talking about gaming only here. Other tasks that require me to use PC, I only have a mid-end PC for that. Just wanna know if I'm gonna get a new console or a PC for my gaming needs.

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You spend as you said 1200 for each console upgrade wereas over here we spend 300 on a good upgrade. Personally i like to ride things out until they legit dont work on the things i want them to or break for example ive had my 760 for quite a while now and it can max out a game like Dayz on 1080p 60fps and i intend to keep it that way until the thing literally HAS to go. I am turning into a bit of a PC enthusiast though so that might change.

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