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3 Years ago
The best MMORPGs on PCThe best MMORPGs on PC
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Tera and Path of Exile are better than pretty much all these imo. I can't speak for The Secret World as it's the only one on the list I haven't played. I do enjoy Planetside 2 though, just enjoy melee and magic more than fps, but that's just me, if I was into fps Planetside 2 would be hands down my favorite game.

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PoE is an amazing game, but sorry, Tera falls short most of these titles. Combat is great, endgame is decent and PvP gets intense, BAM battles are super fun, but the actual PvE and leveling is terrible. EVERYTHING is either kill x amount of guys and not enough dungeons in the leveling process. It's an unfortunate grind. After level 30 it's pretty much pounding sand.

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