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4 Years ago
Racing games for PC: ten of the best for 2018Racing games for PC: ten of the best for 2018
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I love Burnout Paradise. I wouldn't have even considered playing it were it not for pulling some very boring shifts at work, which had an X-Box. I did though, and I bought an X-Box controller for it. Then I convinced my mates to buy it and multiplayer brought a whole new meaning to the game. Six of us angrily trying to complete the jump challenge through the suspended concrete pipe at the airfield, then cackling with delight at the rage induced when we nudged other people off their run. The highlight for me though was my defence against such underhanded tactics. When you got taken out by an opponent it sent a reaction shot of you to them from your webcam. At first I wore different hats or held things up to the camera, but that only encouraged them. So I got naked. Suddenly I could drive unmolested, and Naked Burnout was born.

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I had to log in just to tell you that I love your great story. It is absolutely hilarious and it made my day! :) I wouldn't be able to get away with playing naked like that though... The guys would never let me finish a race... But anyway, I just wanted to compliment you for your story... Happy New Years Eve!


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