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1 Year ago
How, why, and when VR will failHow, why, and when VR will fail
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I'm going to disagree with you on every single point. :P Let's analyse.
A point you didn't give a headline to, but still mentioned, is price. But the Oculus has already reduced the amount it'll set you back with the asynchronous spacewarp techno-magic, as well as started developing a wireless, less powerful one (though still better than a phone) for a far better price. So They've already shown it'll get cheaper, that's one point.
Second point. You say they won't entice major devs, but Ubisoft, Epic and 4A games have already made or begun making games for the platforms. They're not necessarily AAA games, but they're still being made. So there's the devs, but we've also got some really nice full games coming out/released for VR, like Edge of Nowhere and Lone Echo.
Point three. Speaking as a frequent user of VR, though admittedly not an owner, I don't notice the pixels and such, and that's on the Vive which I'm told is slightly less powerful. The only time I notice anything like that is when it's not on my head properly, but that's as simple as readjusting it, as you would a pair of glasses. And I find it's constantly an amazing experience, Almost regardless of the game. It's fun, it's 'immersive', everytime I use it I just want to use it more. I accept that part is just my personal experience, but as that can be said about your point as well, I think it's valid.
Also, it makes some people sick in some situations. I have a friend who gets incredibly motion sick in everything, but put her in a game like Double Shot or Elite Dangerous, she's totally fine. It's also recommended not to play for a really long time, but as that's the exact same as normal gaming, I think that's fine.
I can't technically disagree with the three year decline, partially because I've already stated my views, partially because who knows what'll happen.
But what I will say is that I think if VR fails at all, it'll be because of the people who say it will. It will be because people who are less impressed by it constantly tell the people that haven't tried it how shit it is. The less impressed may not be many, but they're the most vocal.
I should follow this up by saying I have no issue with you, Phil, and none of this is a personal attack. But I don't think this sort of article has much of a benefit beyond the views it will get. I don't think that's why you posted it, that's just how I see it. If that makes sense.
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Agreed with all of what you said. I'd like to add another point. The article basically only focuses on the gaming aspect of VR. But there is enormous potential in business/industry applications.

The focus now is primarily on VR systems as gaming platforms, but once people catch on the near limitless potential it has to revolutionize certain industries (thinking about design, engineering, ...) the interest in this technology will skyrocket. Just pick any topic whatsoever and start fantasizing about ways VR can improve on it, you are guaranteed to think of something.

So yeah, I think the VR developers kinda made a mistake by advertising it as a gaming platform, kinda shoving themselves into a box. The public perception is now skewed to see VR in a gaming context only. If we can get past that in-the-box thinking regarding this technology, it will definitely be here to stay this time.

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