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1 Year ago
Can you build a PC to match the new PS4 Pro's price and performance?Can you build a PC to match the new PS4 Pro's price and performance?
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what a load of bullshit article. and misinformed one.

first thing you didnt even price the pc properly. the parts you mentioned cost 900$ and the cpu cant even run games and cabinet is terrible. second you gave a list of 5 parts that cant even be used to play games. where is the OS? where is keyboard/mouse? where is dualshock controller? where is the blu ray reader? all those will add up extra 600$

first things first a rx 480 is completely weak compared to ps4 neo. a pc cant even use half of its hardware for gaming like a console does. so you need a 8 tflops gtx 1080 to compete with a ps4 neo.

so taking quality a gtx 1080 rig from alienware costs around 5600$. and extra keyboard mouse, controller, UPS,monitor will run you around 6400$. and the funny part is a gtx 1080 rig cant handle 4k and struggles to do 1440p and 60 fps. whereas a ps4 pro does 4k and 1440p 60 fps.

so why would anyone even want to play or game on PCs anymore?

i am thinking of selling my rig to get a 4k tv and a ps4 pro to get the best gaming experience that even a 6400$ pc fails to achieve
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Unless you live in a country outside of the US, a PC that will output a stable [email protected] or [email protected] will only cost around $910-1020 USD with all the gaming peripherals assuming you will be gaming on your TV. Even with a monitor, it could only be around $1500. Wildly inaccurate to say you need a GTX 1080 and a $6400 rig to match a PS4 Pro. An overclocked RX 480 will do the job just fine if not give you better performance matched with the FX 6300 mentioned in the article.

Source: Own an FX 8350 with a GTX 1080. Have built and tested rigs with RX 480 and GTX 1070. http ://pcpartpicker .com/list/ssRwYr

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