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1 Year ago
Sony's Shuhei Yoshida says he understands "some criticisms Sean Murray is getting" for No Man's SkySony's Shuhei Yoshida says he understands "some criticisms Sean Murray is getting" for No Man's Sky
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Here's the thing (I don't want to sound defensive or anything, just pointing out facts)...

1. The servers at the time went offline. There was a large influx of players, and it knocked off the servers, so people were playing offline without realizing it. Check their twitter feed...

2. Multiplayer uses Peer to Peer technology. The way it works in this game is similar to that of Elite Dangerous, where if players meet up, it creates a local instance hosted by one of the players, and the other player connects to it. This issue could be caused by conflicting NAT configurations, or blocked ports on either end.

3. It could well be just a bug (as mentioned in the article).

My money is on point 2. Even in Elite Dangerous some players can't join other players instances due to conflicting network configurations. My guess is that it's the same case here.

Until we have other people experiencing the same, using this as clear evidence that there is no multiplayer meetups in the game is a bit far fetched.

Just trying to remain objective here...
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You are very much correct. I read the reddit post and apparently Sean said that when you get close enough to another player you will connect to their "private server". If this is how it works and the servers were having issues, then nobody would've been able to connect to someone else's server, meaning they wouldn't be able to see each other, which also explains why the time of day was different. When base building comes out we will be able to see if it actually is multiplayer because we will be able to see if we see what other players see. We might even be able to see if multiplayer is a thing when PC comes out because it'll be easier to communicate across steam and you can data mine to see if there even is a player model.

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