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dwearle1 responded to gamertaboo's comment in
8 Months ago
AMD Vega - reviews, news, performance, and availabilityAMD Vega - reviews, news, performance, and availability
gamertaboo Avatar
Can't believe they are going to wait until may to release Vega. They are out of their minds waiting that long. They should just release it alongside Ryzen in a month.Reply
dwearle1 Avatar

As this article indicates, it may just be a strategic marketing move on BOTH GPU manufacturers to wait for the other one to drop their next-gen GPU - if they drop too soon, they could be shooting themselves in the foot, so to speak.

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Gamleerik responded to gamertaboo's comment in
9 Months ago
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti - availability, specs, pricing and performanceNvidia GTX 1080 Ti - availability, specs, pricing and performance
gamertaboo Avatar
Not sure exactly where you're getting your information, but there is absolutely no way that the GTX 1080 AND GTX Titan X Pascal have GDDR5x memory, and the new flagship GTX 1080 Ti will only have GDDR5. Never going to happen in a million years.Reply
Gamleerik Avatar

Agreed, I think this is a case of misunderstanding. There's no way it will have regular GDDR5.

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