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10 Months ago
Tyranny's take on evil isn't just nuanced, it's disturbingTyranny's take on evil isn't just nuanced, it's disturbing
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You couldn't have been paid enough for this ridiculous puff piece wherein you amply demonstrate your utter unfamiliarity with the source material.
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3 Years ago
X Rebirth PC reviewX Rebirth PC review
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People who dislike this game who play it long enough mostly end up loving it. Its that kinda game. For every valid point of a broken universe, when it clicks it really clicks. Its worth checking the "immersion" thread on the official forums of people getting sucked into it.

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That's just not the case, sadly. Some of us have put in about 100 hours of actual play time (as opposed to staring in disbelief time) and it's just bad.

Every time I hear the police siren I die a little inside.

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