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GlobalFoundries hit back at Intel, claims the delayed 10nm process is a "pretty weak node"GlobalFoundries hit back at Intel, claims the delayed 10nm process is a "pretty weak node"
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Um have you been living under a rock for the past year? AMD has been hammering Intel's offerings with cheaper solutions. The R5 line up single handedly made i3 and i5's obsolete.

Despite Ryzen's massive success this past year they are still pushing the envelope even further. Ryzen 2400g also makes Intel's iGPU equipped processors look like toys in comparison.

By the end of the year we will see who has an actual architectural advantage as 7nm will close the gap between Core and Ryzen.

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Intel iGPUs have been toys ever since they released them back in '13. They sold well because i3 and i5 laptops sell to the average consumer (the uninformed who go on the word of the retailer rather than research for themeslves). AMDs laptop GPU naming scheme was so obscure to the non-informed that they weren't ever going to be able to compete. This is still the case unless you are paying the top-tear premium for Ryzen, If history says anything, performance means nothing when it comes to laptop sales. People buy whatever the most appealing piece of junk is that sits in front of them at the time, and people know Intel; so I don't see Ryzen growing out to the consumers it needs for profits.

Please do go ahead and point out any Ryzen laptops competing price-wise with the Intel range. I'm not going to lie, I haven't looked in a while so there may well be some Ryzen PCs that make i3 and i5 obsolete, but outside of laptops who gives a single care about iGPUs? In a desktop you will throw a dedicated card in there, at which point all you care about is the core processors performance.

I'm not trying to knock Ryzen CPUs and GPUs, they seem like great things. I wouldn't be shocked if my next desktops CPU was Ryzen, but depressingly for myself I can only look at nVidea on the GPU front. A significant amount of the modelling/rendering software I use has been written for their version of CUDA parallel computing, and does not support GCN.

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