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3 Months ago
Destiny 2’s population tracker is gone because it was used to “spread a false narrative”Destiny 2’s population tracker is gone because it was used to “spread a false narrative”
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Sounds, looks right. Everything peaks Tuesday, Wednesday and drops off afterwards. Once full worlds, busy Public Events near empty rest of the time. Crucible, Raids will spin forever doing matching then be so imbalanced it's insulting. Equally, the Social Space on console tells you what other friends are playing!

The general consensus of diehards after cap, raid completed is maybe polishing off part of the Milestones, helping others still navigating through but that's it! Too much negativity expressed over lack of content, zero investment in game due to no story, reason for the grind. Loot is repetitive, lacking inspiration plus the totally broken economy of mods, capped vendor drops adds frustration. The Tower has nothing - Factions are useless now, we reunited the Vanguard for what, drops always 5 below light level? Everyone tells you the max level when you arrive. Nothing useful one you reach the cap as the unmemorable story does not inspire you to carry on. The same spawn points, same enemies and vast, mostly empty planet scapes. Imbalanced crucible that's a lopsided bloodbath. Raid offers no rewards for the amount of effort.

Oh, well all hail Bungie! The promise DLC will fix the problems. Let's see with major titles dropping who buys the first paid DLC once the expansion pass runs out.
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