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2 Years ago
What's killing World Of Warcraft?What's killing World Of Warcraft?
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As an old time WoW player who left a couple years ago right after MoP came out, and who recently returned just to see what has changed, I am very, very disappointed with the current state of the game.

In my personal opinion I can tell you why WoW is slowly bleeding out and will eventually die, and it all boils down to Blizzard catering to the instant gratification playerbase.

1) Leveling is mind numbing easy and fast:
After coming back, I noticed that I can completely skip most leveling quests, zones, and content just by running a few instances, because gaining XP is so easy, it makes majority of the content obsolete. That is why lower level zones are completely barren, devoid of players.

In vanilla WoW and into BC, leveling took time invested which made doing every quest in every zone imperative. I remember it taking me a week to hit level 20, then almost 3 months to hit lvl 40. Due to slower leveling, players wanted to invest their time playing into playing and developing one character.

2) Gold, epics,blues, etc are a dime a dozen:
Just run any instance, and whether a blue dropped that you needed or not, you are guaranteed to get a blue item. I call it the " every player is a special snowflake" system, even if you lose, you still win. This cheapens the rewards of running instances.

Gold was harder to come by, which made crafting very important

3) Instant level cap boost:
It says it all, you can get instantly boosted to level cap by using real money. Why even play lower level content when you can just buy an instant level capped character.

4) Mounts and other rewards no longer require time investment to acquire:
Once you hit level 20, getting the apprentice riding skill and mount is very cheap. I remember playing in vanilla the excitement I had when I finally hit level 40. I saved every single copper coin just to save up 100g for the riding skill, and another 25 for the mount, I had a sense of accomplishment.

Those are just a ew example of why WoW will die, Blizzard is catering to the wrong crowed, the instant gratification crowed, the player that wants it now and does not want to invest time and get it later.
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