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3 Weeks ago
"G2A is not evil," it's a symptom of indie devs mismanaging their keys"G2A is not evil," it's a symptom of indie devs mismanaging their keys
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There are other problems not addressed in here. Specifically the issue of stolen credit cards used to bulk purchase keys which are then resold. that really is a G2A problem.

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Why is bulk purchasing a thing though? Is that actually normal? From what I've read, it's not. It seems like if you're buying thousands of keys you should be specially contacting them.

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2 Months ago
Epic Games settle their first case against Fortnite cheatersEpic Games settle their first case against Fortnite cheaters
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EPIC cannot possibly lose this if they go to court. It is copyright violation. They own the rights to showing the gameplay, it's no different than putting a movie on youtube. If your curious why things like let's play videos aren't taken down for it.

A. they are, it's not that common but they are, I think nintendo recently started doing this.

B. there is a legal grey area where things can become derivitive works and such if you provide a lot of your own unique commentary etc.

C. fair use comes into this as well, though once you hit 20 minutes of use and not 20 seconds, it's pretty clear cut your violating copyright.

He's guilty. "if epic violated state law this is a criminal offense" it's a criminal offense in the same manner that jaywalking is also a criminal offense. Being criminal does not automatically make it spooky terrifying. They did not release his information, they sued him and the suit became a matter of public record, HOWEVER they did not know he was a minor, more over THEY COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN. The only way to force him to acknowledge them and verify his identity was to sue him, if you read the lawsuits it specifically says we have reason to believe ...

This is hardly different than what's known as a john doe suit where your suing someone without entirely even knowing who that is, you know what right was violated, you know someone did it but you may not know who and you through a john doe suit use the court to uncover who in fact it is you are in fact suing.

Deleware state attorney is going to recognize this and not go after them.

The whole idea of it's free to play therefore they didn't lose money is BS. It's free to play, but it's also optional to pay and they lost out on options, or at least one can argue a game populated by cheaters is one legitimate players are less likely to spend money on playing. It's obvious EPIC isn't paying it's developers with player's enjoyment of the game. They are generating tons of revenue from the game, so yes they could easily produce a profit and loss statement and make an argument cheaters devalue the property.

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They can't sue a minor. Maybe they go after the parents, but the suit is aimed at a child. They failed to properly identify whom they were suing other than a name and address.

It sounds like the boys mom has legal counsel already. I would take it to court. A lawyer I talked to as well, thinks EPIC probably wouldn't win this case, but that would be up to a jury in civil court and not many will want to convict a 14 yr old boy for cheating.

I don't support cheating of any kind, but EPIC picked the wrong target. Instead of going after the hard target of the website or developer of the hack, they are going after the soft target or users of the hack. That is weak at best. So you remove one of two people using the cheat, the site that distributes it is still doing so. What have they gained, other than bad publicity with the general public? Big bad company going after a kid who is barely a teenager for cheating. That won't resonate well.

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