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Shriven responded to huw's comment in
3 Years ago
Gamescom 2014: Hands-on with Alien: IsolationGamescom 2014: Hands-on with Alien: Isolation
huw Avatar

I learned the same lesson after attempting Amnesia. I love the look of all these survival horror games but I know it would be pointless buying them. watched Aliens when you were six?!

Shriven Avatar

Yup. Neighbours house (I had older an older brother. And traumatising children was all the rage in the 80's, just ask the BBC.

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huw responded to Tessian comment in
3 Years ago
Puppygames co-founder: customers "are worthless to us"Puppygames co-founder: customers "are worthless to us"
Tessian Avatar

I have 200+ Steam games and I have never seen one of these mythical 90 percent off coupons. Not sure how I get in on that deal, why do you hate me steam? I am pretty sure I paid more than the ten dollars Revenge of the Titans is currently at, when I bought it. I think the concept of coupons is sound, if it leads to someone giving you good feedback and convincing others to buy the game at full price. I guess it depends on how many coupons Steam is giving out? Anyhow I liked Revenge of the Titans enough that I will buy another copy and gift it to someone.

huw Avatar

Amongst my collection of (unsolicited) coupons I have an 80% off coupon for Montague's Mount (whatever the hell that is). I'm sure there must be some 90% coupons floating around. I've no idea how Valve decide to distribute them; in this, as with all things, that tiresome company are as usual completely opaque.

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huw commented on
3 Years ago
Why Riot Games aren't planning on matching the Dota 2 International's $10m prize poolWhy Riot Games aren't planning on matching the Dota 2 International's $10m prize pool
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Well, with regard to infrastructure, Valve has plenty of other resources to build that up (and perhaps they will one day...). However the second argument is perfectly valid...that a future International may end up with a smaller prize pool than earlier ones is a very real possibility. Unless Valve always top it up themselves if necessary.

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