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2 Years ago
What's killing World Of Warcraft?What's killing World Of Warcraft?
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A question like this has no easy answers. All you can do is equate what made it exciting and thrilling for you the first place. There is one drawback we can never get over and that is us! Ourselves. Most people here are long time players. I started with TBC. WOTLK was the pinnacle and Catacalysm the pits. It was the pits because the raids and dungeons seemed boring to me, the new area were fine and I loved Uldum, but something was definitely missing, and it was around this time saw the decline start, and the big killer for me- the lack community spirit.

It was around this time trade chat trolls appeared in droves, attention seeking children who killed a useful tool. And raids became less friendly and BG's the same. Once there was a time you would actually talk in raids and Dungeons, and BG's to a certain extent, make friends and maybe get them to join your guild. Now-that has gone. As someone has said, no one cares who are anymore, they may never see you again, and worse, there is no tolerance for the newbie or learner, one of my main joys nowadays is helping or boosting a wide eyed learner-takes you back.

That's what I mean by a lack in ourselves, when you get so experienced you can do ICC or Naxx in your sleep or every zone likewise, where is the magic? Before it existed in teaching newbie players and guild members of which there seemed to be a lot. Now when you visit a capitol there seem to be wall to wall lvl 100's hanging about. I remember when a top level, high geared 80 was a rare sight, even in Stormwind.

I know I will never the thrill of exploring new (hard) places, likely ever again! Like the thrill of danger I tried to explore Duskwood as a wide eyed newbie lvl 8. Starting zones are too easy also, there needs to be a thrill of danger. Look at Hogger, easily soloable now, when I started if you caught him on your own you was toast!

I cant say about LFR, most of the raiding comments seem to take no account of people learning or wanting learn to raid. For those its very unforgiving. Oh 0.000001% drop in DPS-kicked! Run the wrong way in a new dungeon-kicked, join a group with 3-4 from same guild (lots with cross realm)-kicked if you offer advice or your face doesn't fit. Lets be honest, for the casual raider-its not worth the hassle. I was always a casual raider until SoO then raided hard-then new expansion and then its rinse and repeat so speak. Your gears crap and you got to do it all again.

All very well if raiding was enjoyable. Its not. Kicks out the blue, recriminations and bitching. Elitists, foul language and nerd ragers, whats not to like? Hmmmmm. AND, as I say, you're a casual raider or newbie-good luck with that, and God help you if your gear is below standard. But you cant get on decent raids as there are so many prerequisites to satisfy, Jeez ;P

The stale formula needs a boost for sure, but the community? Is that gone for good I wonder? Used to be so easy to make friends, now no one seems to bother, I mean-apply online to join a guild???!! Good God its a GAME not a job! But maybe therein lies the hidden cancer for WoW, for many its no longer a game to enjoy, and these usually dictate gameplay in many ways :(

I enjoy the solo challenge and co-op with friends. But there seems little stimulus in that area. Most of my guild are the same, casual players. A lot of us love to raid, but I find it disheartening when your guildies get kicked if their DPS is too low even though you're achieving what you set out to do grrrr.

What's needed is the fun back in the game, with less of the seemingly prevalent elitism and nerd rage seriousness. Even a casual player can be passionate about the game after all and grow into a great player. I wouldn't say im a great player but a damn good one, knows what they're doing. It wasn't always like that, we all have to learn. But no one seems to care about bringing people on anymore/.

If raiding is the be all and end all of Wow, it will kill the casual base as raiding now is too unforgiving and downright soulless, no chat, fun or patience. Maybe there should be a new class of Game Masters, who run raids, and teach people tactics etc, and at a leisurely pace and informative. I'd happily play to do that, and bring the fun and community back into WoW

A long ramble, but I have loved WoW it feels now like im doing last rites over a beloved friend :(
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