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1 Year ago
Steam bundle prices will now drop based on how many of the games in them you ownSteam bundle prices will now drop based on how many of the games in them you own
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Valve is not exactly pro-active when it comes to being consumer friendly. They have a great platform but still think things halfway through (of course they actually do things exactly like planned... just not in the best interest of consumers).
Why not allow people to gift their extra copies?

Family sharing, great idea. But why can't I let my son play another game in my library than the one I'm currently playing? I own ALL MY games and should be able to run ALL of them at once if I wanted to. Here would also be a great place to allow owning multiple copies. I could be the owner and allow my son to play a game along with me if I own two copies. And the skeleton of a feature Family Sharing is... Why not make it a full fledged parental control system? Where parents can set up children accounts, handle buying games for the family, allowing x-hours of game time or playing between certain times etc??? For such a large system as Steam, made by such a big and successful company as Valve this should have been in place years ago. It should be common sense. It even makes business sense... parents would indoctrinate their children inte gaming through Steam. But no, we get a minimal feature of allowing ONE other person at a time to play ONE of the games you have bought at a TIME. IF and ONLY IF you don't want to play ANY of your games at that given moment.

So no, unfortunately Valve isn't very consumer centered with the features of their platform. They do what is needed to keep it an integrated part of peoples gaming. From time to time they launch some "cool" new feature etc to hype the service again. Not to mention the the lack of energy put into customer support.
And that's coming form someone who jumped on board the steam train when it first launched and use it A LOT. I would LOVE for it to be the clear way to get and play games. But there are so many small idiotic omissions, virtual limitations etc in place that there are days when I regret the 4-500 or so games I have bought on it.
Especially now when my kids are starting to get old enough to want to game. Imagine the good old days of CD/DVD's. They could play ANY of the games I bought and I could play ANY of the other games I owned at the same time! Wow! Magic!... No... Common sense!
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