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1 Year ago
Best gaming monitor 2018Best gaming monitor 2018
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I am in the market for a new gaming monitor and I cannot, for the life of me decide between the Asus PG279Q and PG278QR. The 278QR is a little cheaper and has a different panel and response times but does the 279Q warrant the price difference? Any help from you monitor guru's please! Would greatly appreciate it.

I have never owned a great gaming monitor. I've always just purchased something that would work, roughly in the 200 dollar range. This time with a high end rig, I want a damn nice monitor.
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Hi Balls Deep,

I, much like yourself, am also in the market for a fantastic gaming monitor to go with my shiny new high end hardware. I have done a lot of research on this topic, and without a doubt the PG279Q is the better option than the PG278QR. The quality is much better in terms of the display, and both are very fast panels, negligible difference in speed for gaming.

The real question here, is the major problem with the quality control of ASUS panels particulary the PG279Q where a very large amount of users have reported dead pixels and terrible backlight bleeding on the panel. This is the only reason I have not yet bought it, as a lot of people have through 2,3,4 5 even 10 return processes to find a panel that doesn't suffer from major problems.

I am also looking at the following alternatives:

acer predator xb271hu

Viewsonic XG2703-GS


However all the panels are made by the same manufacturer (AUoptronics) so they may all suffer from the same problems, just on a slightly different scale. I've read that ASUS is the worst though.

So I am stuck, were talking a lot of money here to waste on something that is low quality out of the box. I'm waiting to see if something better comes along in the next few weeks otherwise I might have to make a gamble and get the Asus, and see if it should be returned.

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