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4 Years ago
The best MMORPGs on PCThe best MMORPGs on PC
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lol wtf, WoW and runescape ... you got to be joking, WoW died and ended when TBC ended. ronascape is like just retardedly crappy.

but what suprises me more is that Tabula Rasa and city of heroes and everquest 1 and 2 isn't amongst them ... wich clearly shows that this guy has hardly played any game in my opnion.

eve online, Rift, LoTRO, Star Wars the old republic and TSW well i agree on but the rest meh crap games.

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Reading comprehension, man. Top 10 MMOs on the market. On the market as in currently available and competing, which CoH and Tabula Rasa aren't.

The top 10 list was pretty much a popularity list. WoW is still the giant and Runescape is one of the few mmos actually getting bigger, which is impressive given its age.

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