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3 Years ago
Racing games for PC: ten of the best for 2018Racing games for PC: ten of the best for 2018
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The one thing I dislike about PC racing games is that none of them have the amount of cars that Forza or Gran Turismo have. I love realism, but I still need a deep car roster.

Which of these realistic car games has that?

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Assetto Corsa currently has about 164 different official cars and about 39 official tracks. That's 6,396 combinations. And the cars are hugely varied. And so are the tracks. Love it, completely. It isn't a polished product, in certain areas. But it allows me to have GREAT fun for COUNTLESS hours. Some of the WRs are just insanely good. Did 1:39.9xx in the FXX K at Monza today... Very difficult but highly satisfying. I recommend it to any car freak.

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