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1 Year ago
AMD Vega reviews, news, performance, and availabilityAMD Vega reviews, news, performance, and availability
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Waiting in patience, promised myself never to go amd again 8 years later i now own freesync screen thank to Nvidia GREED and waiting for new Gpu release :) Not going back again before amd really dissapoint me again wich i hope then don't.. Looks like AMD have done a great job now and also compete on cpu's too.
Give us release date :)))
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I agree with you on nvidia greed, Be a cold day in hell before i ever spend the cash they want for a Gsync monitor. One the other side I also think Amd was dumb as shit for giving away the freesync, They should have charged 45$ for it so it didn't adjust the price of the monitor much and they could have made some extra cash for R&D rather then giving the chip away and all the monitor makers getting the chip free and still jacking up the damn prices. I like the free mindset but have seen over and over again it either not get adopted or some other company get fat off their freebies.

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