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1 Year ago
Redstone in Redmond: Microsoft talk the future of Minecraft modding on Windows 10Redstone in Redmond: Microsoft talk the future of Minecraft modding on Windows 10
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First of all, I think this is great news. Current mod developers are going to "poo poo" the idea obviously (they've already started on reddit in the 2 hours since the articles been up), as the exposed functionality is very limited compared to what they are used to and takes a fair bit of control out of their hands.

But these are also the same people who have been asking for an api for close to a decade, and a crucial key to make a backward compatible api that will last the ages without breaking previous functionality is to ensure each and every possible api call won't allow unintended functionality, and fits the the vision of what the developers want to allow.

Furthermore this opportunity is huge to introduce an entire generation to game development and computer science. Modding a game is a great experience, and while a minority of very talented people have managed to wrap their heads around the clustertruck that is Minecrafts Java source code, and the constant flux of mod and specific community api's. The simple truth is that to do something like change the speed of a creeper, is a lot more complicated than it need be, and will teach people that to do something like that is harder than it is.

Anyway I applaud this move by Microsoft. Of course I'll be sticking to the Java version personally, there's still much Applied Thermal BuildCraft Tinkering etc... to be done. But I think they're moving in the right direction, and I'm more than happy for them to take their time to do it right and make it as easy as possible for us, and our children, to realise our fantasies!
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