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Kamel has recently been playing Door Kickers, Just In Time Incorporated and Fractured Space

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Reikhardt responded to Kamel's comment in
2 Years ago
Racing games for PC: ten of the best for 2017Racing games for PC: ten of the best for 2017
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er... Project CARS = Community Assisted Racing Sim, so why put it into the non-sim list? It's hell of a lot more demanding than F1 2013.

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Agreed, there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about PC due to some of the initial screaming about the (admitedly terrible) default FFB settings in the game. After an hour or two of tweaking it all it's a damn good sim. Not quite the physical clarity of Assetto Corsa, but packaged in delightful wrapping with great weather effects and night racing to boot.

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