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1 Year ago
The best Minecraft modsThe best Minecraft mods
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I have to agree with some of the complaints. If it was one dude, in a basement, with just buddies coming over, it would be one thing but these guys are a company and stuff that should already be in the game (that makes the game so much better) are made by people on the outside....not to mention that the more interesting additions that have come with the latest's them buying other people's mods and adding them on.

It's the community that's made Minecraft what it is...not the company.

When i first got Minecraft, i played it for a few hours and got bored with it....vanilla is boring as hell no matter how creative you are unless you're just looking to build stuff.

When i found the mods, it made me come back to the game because there was more to deal with and it made the game 100x more interesting and challenging.

I've hung with coders since '85 and a lot of them are in agreement that this company is "milking" their situation to it's absolute limit and a lot of people i know, who play, are only staying it because there was some talk of "Minecraft 2" on the horizon and they're all waiting for it because it's supposed to be some ultimate improvement.

My guess is they will up the rez,make the 1st person better, and buy a bunch of people's mods and release it as their own deal and will milk it for another 8 years. It's been danging in the wind for 3 to 5 years now. And when it comes out, it will be cool but i fear the amount of bugs that will come with it.

No sorry whoever was covering for the guy who owns minecraft....a man with that much money coming in has NO excuses with the staff he "should" have. If he's not got the right people working on it, it's all on him.

I've lived in that world, watched projects rise and fall, seen money exchange hands and hype get thrown to the wind and nothing come of it for over 2 decades now way before Steam and "Early Access" became a freaking "tourist" attraction and basically degrade the test community.

With all the money these people are pulling in....there are NO excuses that will explain the slowness of this games necessary fixes.....they are MILKING this game for everything it is (and isn't) worth.
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