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11 Months ago
How, why, and when VR will failHow, why, and when VR will fail
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You're forgetting about something, though.
VR Porn.

Never underestimate the selling power of porn.
It might not be enough to keep gaming-specific VR sets alive and well, but together with other media and some games offering support to it, I believe it won't just go away into the fail books like the VirtualBoy.

I think VR in general (at the very very least cheap smartphone-based VR headsets) will survive long enough for tech improvements to make it better and more accessible, at least as a niche peripheral or in arcade-style VR gaming places or something.

But yea, it's defenitely being overhyped and almost certainly overpraised.
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1 Year ago
The 10 best stealth games on PCThe 10 best stealth games on PC
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A couple more stealth fans might want to check out:
Any of the Metal Gear main franchise
The Last of Us (perhaps not a "stealth game" by itself, but pretty enjoyable to play in a stealthy approach, which you can do for the majority of the game)

And some more that might be worth looking into:
Deus Ex

And a final really pushy one (considering it's fairly hard not to turn it into run-and-gun in many sections, and many parts where you can't get away with stealth at all), but a good game with interesting story and atmosphere and some stealth mechanics (knife, throwing knife, silenced pistol):
Wolfenstein: The New Order
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Kolvarg responded to Inquisitar comment in
1 Year ago
Blizzard are investigating a Twitch pilot program to battle chat harrasmentBlizzard are investigating a Twitch pilot program to battle chat harrasment
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Oh no some random person on internet insulted me

Better call sjw police

People really need to grow up and stop take some things so seriously
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Ooor people need to grow up and stop talking like 5 year olds who just learned some cool new swear words, and being rude to everyone they even slightly dislike or disagree with just because they're behind a computer.

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Kolvarg replied to 10 questions on the Overwatch Review
1 Year ago
Overwatch review snippet Would you read more of Overwatch's lore outside the game?
Yes, although I wish there would be some (completly optional) pve side to it (campaign, co-op agaisnt tough AI/bosses, etc) to allow a more intimate way to explore the lore. Not necessarily as the main game, could be a spin off or an entirely different section coming later on :)
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