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4 Months ago
The best building games on PCThe best building games on PC
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For me, the #1 architectural building game is Planet Coaster. With its piece-by-piece (as well as Steam Workshop integrated) building, you can make extremely-detailed rides, shops, scenery, paths, gardens, etc. Not only that, but you can experience the park as a guest, ride the rides, etc., as well as enjoy any other view with the camera. Some very talented players have made very impressive structures, combining pieces from many scene sets (and using "primitive" shapes) in ways that the publisher (Frontier) never imagined. Your scenery even affects the park guests as they experience it.
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korebreach08 replied to 2 questions on the Planet Coaster Review
12 Months ago
Planet Coaster review snippet Would you buy at full price or wait for a Planet Coaster sale?
It would be easy to just trash the competition to build-up my opinion of Planet Coaster, since the competition (RCTW) is garbage. However, by itself, Planet Coaster excels as a game worthy of your purchase... with one caveat. You need to ask yourself what kind of gamer you are. While you can use the included structures and a ton of user-generated content to make amazing parks, Planet Coaster really caters to the builder. If you're the kind of person who is willing to put in the work to design your own stuff, and has an eye for design, you'll love the freedom that PC gives you to do just that. If, instead, you want to only manage a park, and don't care about making your own creations, you may be a little disappointed that the management aspects of PC are good, but not revolutionary. PC excels at giving you the ability to create the park of your dreams, with everything placed just so. You'll manage your peep's experience by giving them great scenery, which actually affects their happiness and their willingness to spend money. It's a different sort of management that, I feel, compliments the normal basic park management of selling stuff, loans, advertising, ride type selection, ride age, solving problems, etc. (which are all part of what I call "basic management"). One other thing that may be of a concern to some players, and that is that you need a fairly good PC to have a huge park with tons of guests... not just a good graphic card. Your CPU actually does a lot of work in Planet Coaster for the crowd simulation. Intentionally, Planet Coaster will use the majority of whatever CPU power you give it, so expect your case fans to spin up. PC doesn't *require* a top-of-the-line CPU, but it will use what you give it.
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