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3 Months ago
Last night a force feedback steering wheel saved my lifeLast night a force feedback steering wheel saved my life
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I can promise you QDP2 as someone who has spent countless hours and thousands on vr setups and a pair of logitech g27 racing wheels, and owning two sports cars and doing real track days with real vehicles, the games since Rfactor when the wheel is configured correctly for 920deg will absolutely translate to real world improved driver skill. Project cars and several other top tier racing games are designed from the ground up to train real racecar drivers on real courses before a race. Often, the underlying game engine is used in a professional setting licensed exclusively to racing car teams and their drivers to simulate possible track conditions and situations that are causing the driver to lose seconds on the track. For this kind of training to work, they have to be as real as possible. Several sim-racing gamers have gone on to become world class drivers for real racing teams, look up Richie Stanaway, and Le Mans Series driver Christina Nielsen, just to name two.
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