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AMD’s Navi will be a traditional monolithic GPU, not a multi-chip moduleAMD’s Navi will be a traditional monolithic GPU, not a multi-chip module
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> one workload is a lot more scalable, and has different sensitivity on multi-GPU or multi-die communication.

CG path tracing is a highly scalable workload. EPIC says in a couple of years we might won't see anything else than ray tracing in game engines. Fully path traced renders are at 1 fps at 1080p now (no RTX required) and would take advantage of MCM:
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I think EPIC might be being a little ambitious in thinking that in only a couple of years there will just be ray-tracing in game engines. There will probably be some form of hybrid ray-tracing effects in most game engines by then, but the big switch from rasterization to ray-tracing isn't going to happen that quickly.

It was something we spoke with David Wang about too:

“I do think ray-tracing has its place, but is this going to be a sea-change overnight? Will people compromise on 4K display performance and start to become jaggy? I don’t think so.

"So, I think it will take time for this sea-change to happen, but even in the end I still believe it will co-exist with the conventional rasterizaton technology. Just because frame rate and resolution are so important to people.”

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