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5 Months ago
AMD Ryzen 2 news, reviews, and benchmarksAMD Ryzen 2 news, reviews, and benchmarks
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If I can even get a stable 4.5 on air out of a 6 or 8 core, I'll finally be saying goodbye to my trusty 2500k. First gen zen was more than enough reason to upgrade, but without available GPUs, it's kind of a moot point.Reply
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Yeah, I'm really hoping that with the updated Zen+ design, and the new 400-series boards, that we'll see better overclocked performance from the second-gen Ryzen chips.

If the Ryzen 7 2800X and Ryzen 5 2600X are sitting on 4.2GHz as a stable max boost clockspeed I'd hope they could nail 4.5GHz comfortably too.

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