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7 Months ago
Overwatch needs maps designed for messing around in, not competitionOverwatch needs maps designed for messing around in, not competition
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I don't play Overwatch or any modern multiplayer game that's reliant on match-making rather than dedicated, community ran servers, and I suspect that's also another reason you're sensing a lack of community.

No, not lack of me.

If I went back and played TF2 now, I know exactly which server I would go to, and I would still know a lot of the people playing there. That server's IP address is my home in TF2.

It was the same in RtCW and Quake 3 too. I had certain servers I'd gravitate too, partly because of ping and partly because of the company.
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1 Year ago
Golly, there's a lot more room on's interface for new games nowGolly, there's a lot more room on's interface for new games now
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Since when have designers hated blank space? I was always taught that space helps break content up and make it easier to parse.

Still don't understand why they thought changing the name from to the Blizzard App was a good idea. They've got 21 years of brand recognition in
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It's not like people don't know Blizzard... As a title it's been around just as long (if not longer) than For those who know the latter, they also know the former. This is not always true the other way round.

For blank space, I agree though. Anyone seen Sky Q's interface? a third of the menu screen is left blank permanently where they sell out with the Sky logo. That's a case of the UI/UX designers being lacking in the UX part of the job rather than a preference towards blank space, but the point still gets across.

With the upcoming addition of Destiny 2 to the Blizzard App's ranks, they've done a good job already of making sure the app doesn't look empty. It gives room to grow into the future, without forcing themselves out into the Steam-sized list management.

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4 Years ago
The best FPS games on PCThe best FPS games on PC
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What, no Doom?

What, no Quake?

And Unreal Tournament over Quake 3?

Sorry if I sound like an id fanboy here, but those are probably 3 of the most important first-person shooters ever, and are still enjoyable now; let alone which, modders are still making mods for them. I've had more fun playing Brutal Doom recently than I've had with Far Cry 3. That's testament to just how good Doom was.

Without Quake, online gaming would look VERY different, and there would have been no Half Life. Hell, there would be no TF2. The ORIGINAL Team Fortress mod was a Quake one.

And Quake 3?

For skill-based multiplayer, I don't think this has ever been topped. My personal favourite displays of skill take the form of Defrag trick jump movies, which rely on total map knowledge and complete mastery of the movement system, one that is much more nuanced and rewarding than the one in UT.

Let alone which, without Q3, there would have been no Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and thus no Call of Duty.

Plus, Q3DM17 (The Longest Yard) broke the mould as to what to expect from a deathmatch map with its platforms floating in the void and bounce-pad navigation.

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I agree with you about ID getting no slice of the pie and also the fact that I found FarCry 3 pretty boring.

I don't hold nothing against the article though, its opinons against opinions.

An article created to stir shit as it were lol

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