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1 Year ago
Racing games for PC: ten of the best for 2017Racing games for PC: ten of the best for 2017
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The most realistic PC racing games : sure for people that never drove a car before and have no idea what one drives like. All the other ones are very bland...the only one that stands out is iRacing...that is if you want a sim that will kick your ass and remind you that you can't actually drive a racecar at speed. Should have had Live for speed in there, sure it's very dated, but for realism it's just as good as Iracing, plus the servers are still going strong after 10+ years. I understand people that makes these articles are granturismo fanatics, but if you're going to act like you know it all, might as well put some real sims on here, the rest is crap. And Dirt Rally was awful, thank god I didn't pay for that and downloaded the torrent.

PS assetto corsa is pretty cool...but after you get over it you start to realize all the cars drive and feel basically the same. BTW taking the cars on the high speed straight you find out that the top speeds are all wrong, so yeah fail. Some are faster and more grippy but that's about it. Iracing is the only sim I've played aside from LFS that you actually have a feeling like every car is different from every aspect.
All these other ones are trash and seriously are one step away from being full on arcade racers....where they have tons of assists even if you do turn it all off.
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