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Noctah responded to Fattox comment in
2 Years ago
Payday 2’s Black Market isn’t going anywhere, is “working as intended”Payday 2’s Black Market isn’t going anywhere, is “working as intended”
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Is there still stats on the weapons skins? If so, then remove those, and all is well, imo. I have no problem with vanity items that add nothing more than superficial changes.

I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't forgive them even if they did that at this point. But i'm not invested enough in the game to feel that way, i guess. But due to that fact, I sure as hell won't be buying drills either.

I guess they're spiting the majority of fans, for the sake of some quick 'whale' money? That's assuming the vocal ones are the majority. It's hard to tell these days when this kind of internet outrage occurs.
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That's exactly my opinion as well. I don't mind cosmetic-only crate/key systems, but the (very minor) stat bonuses should go away. CS:GO has absolutely no stat bonuses on its skins, and yet it's generating an incredible amount of enthusiasm from players; and thus, cash for the company.

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Noctah commented on
2 Years ago
Canadian Prime Minister says we need to “stand against” GamergateCanadian Prime Minister says we need to “stand against” Gamergate
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I think nothing of it.
He's a politician. Of course he's with the good feminists, and is against the bad Gamergate; he has to appeal to the masses.
If the popular opinion was that feminism was bad, and that Gamergate was good, it would be the exact opposite speech, wouldn't it?
Just like Hillary Clinton being firmly against Gay Marriage in her speech in 2004, and turning 180° on this subject in her current campaign.
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