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OurMutualFiend responded to Shriven comment in
3 Years ago
Youtube have rejected Terry Cavanagh's copyright appeal on his own gameYoutube have rejected Terry Cavanagh's copyright appeal on his own game
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Cant wait for all the decent content creators to leave for Vemeo. Don't think that's not gonna happen.

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That's a wonderful double negative you've got there.

But... I very much doubt everyone will ever convert over to Vimeo, for the same reasons that Google Plus has failed to be successful: YouTube has way too big of an already installed user base, people attached to their networks and their accounts and their habbits to uproot and start over on a site which currently lacks the same volume and diversity of content creators.

Even though Vimeo probably does offer a better service, it'll just never happen because they'll never be able to convert the billion or so users that YouTube has acquired.

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