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4 Months ago
Greedfall is the new game from developers of Technomancer and Bound by FlameGreedfall is the new game from developers of Technomancer and Bound by Flame
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Looking forward to another boilerplate game with box quotes that suggest it compares to AAA titles!
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PaddyMaxson responded to HersheySquirtle comment in
11 Months ago
Cheat makers Bossland ordered to pay Blizzard $8.6 million for copyright infringementCheat makers Bossland ordered to pay Blizzard $8.6 million for copyright infringement
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As much as I hate cheats (and love hearing whenever a bunch of cheaters just got banned), I don't see how it's a legal issue. They don't seem to be breaking copyright any more than manufacturers who produce specialized phone cases to fit iPhones and such—which is to say: not at all.
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To clarify a wee bit, Bossland don't make WoW cheats or hacks, they make purely a bot.

Automation can be described as cheating I suppose, but the fact is, Honorbuddy doesn't do anything a human being can't except play for 48 hours solid, but it'll get a lot less done in said 48 hours than a lucid human being would.

Now, the terms of service for WoW do state not to do this, and Honorbuddy does modify the game client in a way that Blizzard do not authorise by using memory injection to accomplish it's tasks.

It's also a paid for product, which means that Bossland are profiting from a service that Blizzard provides by charging for a service that requires Blizzard's product to run (and Bossland's products are a service, not just software).

Without getting permission from Blizzard to do this (which Blizzard will never give, if only to appear to be anti-botting) this is unlicensed use of a product for profit and certainly doesn't fall under fair use of the product, ergo Blizzard have a very strong civil case against them.

In terms of cheating in Overwatch, it's very easy to argue that Cheating lowers the enjoyment of non-cheaters and can cause Blizzard financial damage as it could lower sales.

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