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1 Year ago
BioWare will announce PC specs for Mass Effect: Andromeda in FebruaryBioWare will announce PC specs for Mass Effect: Andromeda in February
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I'm more curious if this is gona b a console port or a separate team that handles it, I want ME to push my PC plz BW ^^
No reason u cant with all that money u made from me :)) lolReply
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it makes no sense, especially considering

basically PC was again on top for $$$ in sales last year, and by FAR. (something like $10B ahead of mobile gaming, which was rank 2)

I was half hoping that Microsoft is dropping Xbox exclusive to slowly roll back into PC. ultimately the idea of a "Console" will be over soon, somebody needs to take the stupidity of console gaming (user needing to know nothing and do nothing) with PC gaming (most powerful and flexible hardware available) and make it work (think SteamOS - but working), frankly it will happen. the question is only when

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