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4 Years ago
The best strategy games on PCThe best strategy games on PC
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Joe tried to add a C&C game. Can't remember which, I think it may have been Red Alert 2. Or maybe it was whatever was the most recent. I vetoed it for the reasons you list, and because we already had RTS games well-represented here.

I loved C&C when the series was young, but it just failed to grow. It loved its own campiness too much, the designs got more and more over the top, and yeah, that core game didn't really get more interesting. SupCom ate its lunch from the visual spectacle standpoint, and it really wasn't a good enough RTS to stand alongside any of its contemporaries.

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i been playing rts games for a long time to not have WC3+exp nor ANY command and conquer games is a massive slight to rts hell they didnt eve mention dune between dune and c&c thats the heart of rts. now to be fair the last goood c&c game was c&c 3 tibrium wars as much as i love geerals i still have to say c&c 3 was my fav but its such a hard choice i was i could say there where both the best

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