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2 Years ago
Ubisoft say it's "simply not true" that The Division was "held back"Ubisoft say it's "simply not true" that The Division was "held back"
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This is the correct answer.

I too am running a reasonably high end machine - twin 980ti's and an I7 @ 4.4 and The division played at 2560x1080 taxed my machine. Not enough to ever dip below 60fps but more than enough to get the cards revved up and kicking out a serious amount of heat.

I think people are seriously over estimating the power behind their rigs. Companies have to aim for the majority in order to maximise sales, spending the money and time to fulfill the potential of systems like ours is not feasible for them at all economically.

That being said, I can also see the flip side. There are things this engine is already equipped to do that we could absolutely take advantage of that are NOT being used. I'm willing to bet the idea to not use the already developed engine to it's full potential did not come from the devs. Why would they spend so much time and effort developing things to ultimately not want to show them to the world? That was a corporate decision and more than likely VERY influenced by some cash incentive from Sony/Microsoft.

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I don't disagree with this, and I think it's also something that people, well reasonable people, understand. A game can only push the graphic bounds so far before it has a similar unfair affect within the PC market itself. If only the top few percent of people can run the game then your sales drop significantly or people who don't have the highest end PC and run it on Low feel game is very poor representation.

I don't honestly envy devs that situation of having to make hard decisions about delivering the super amazing graphics they probably dream of just as much as we do... vs the money counter's reality check that says we can't ship a game nobody can actually play. I'm sure that's just as frustrating for them as it is for us.

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