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2 Years ago
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive review snippet How does Global Offensive compare to Source or 1.6?
If CSGO was the first made first come, i'd praise it but since 1.6 is the actual base and the idea comes from there, i can't say that cs 1.6 is dead. I still love 1.6 more than csgo cause of many reason and one of'em is, once you have upgraded a game to 3d graphics or visual camera you need more expensive hardware to run that game but if you still play cs 1.6, it's still pretty smooth and you do not need to have an expensive hardware to run that game. P.s: Sometime also think that these games creator are marketing/promotion business partners of graphical stuff (Motherboard, processor, card) owners as that's the only way to bring a new product and then to sell it in market. Kidding xD
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