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Babbity Puss (Mr.Fox) responded to RyoMario's comment in
11 Months ago
Tank games: 11 of the best on PCTank games: 11 of the best on PC
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I would change the list order to 1. War Thunder 2. Company of Heroes 2 3. Armored Warfare and the rest is fine (I played all of those games except Heroes & Generals) I played War Thunder 817 hours, Wolrd of Tanks for years so I know what I'm talking about :)Reply
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Oh I see, you'd change that list would you? Your very own personal preference is clearly the rule and therefore everyone who has a different opinion is wrong because after all, you've played this crap for hundreds of hours and years so, "you know what you're talking about".

Tool. Smh.

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Jezcentral responded to RyoMario's comment in
1 Year ago
AMD are still fighting against history and all those forum comments of 'AMD drivers suck.'AMD are still fighting against history and all those forum comments of 'AMD drivers suck.'
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I have been using Radeon GPU's since the old 9xxx series, then I switched to Nvidia when they were rolling with the 6xxx and after that with 8xxx series, then I moved back to Radeon 5xxx series and from that point I stayed with Radeon, right now I have a RX 460 and I'm loving it, but since I have been using Radeon for idk how many years, I bought the 5770 when Dirt 2 came out and I remember how horrible the drivers were, if I played in cockpit mode when the water splashed on the windscreen and the wipers started to wipe it was just plain black textures all over the windshield and I couldn't see through, but after a few weeks newer drivers came out and not only it fixed this issue for me, it also boosted my FPS by a lot from 30 to 50 if I remember correctly, I loved Dirt 2 even now I still prefer Dirt 2 over Dirt 3, but back to the point, AMD drivers improved a hell of a lot over the years, when I bought the RX 460 I had random black screens even when I was just browsing the web and after a few hotfixes the managed to fix that issue aswell, now I'm rocking with the latest Relive driver and I don't have any issues at all, so have faith in the red team, they really do what has to be done to achieve stable realiable GPU's and drivers aswell nowadays.Reply
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Congratulations! You have won the Internet's longest ever sentence award! ;)

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