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2 Years ago
The best Dota 2 heroes for beginnersThe best Dota 2 heroes for beginners
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I have been playing LOL and i am starting playing Dota 2!While I was playing LOL I was playing with players like Garen, Akali, Shako, Darius and others, what should i get now???????

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It depends on ur playstyle. If u like to play tanks like darius, garen then u should play Axe (he is a combination of darius and garen). His q taunts people (it is basically a shorter range atopprehend), his w gives him ms and damage people (decisive strike) ,his e deals aoe damage to people (a passive darius's q and garen's e). Finally his ult Culling Blade is a combination of darius and garen ultimate, it deals magic damage and reset on kills (it also instantly kill people below 500 hp) and gives ms upon successfully finished an enemy.

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