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1 Year ago
What happened when a ten-year TF2 veteran tried to play OverwatchWhat happened when a ten-year TF2 veteran tried to play Overwatch
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I hate to be that guy, but is 400 hours in a decade-old game really veteran material? I've sunk over 800 hours in Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel, neither of which is even half TF2's age. And most the time, I still feel like a complete noob, still discovering different mechanics and watching YouTubers and Redditors demonstrate things I never knew about.

Is TF2 just a simpler game, or am I really a veteran who just exclusively surrounds myself with people better than me? Oh my God, am I a sub?
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Thanks for the comment - I'm very much still picking up things in TF2! But I've got (what I hope is) a decent grasp of the mechanics of the game and the way the characters work.

I'll have to get back into B2, played it for about 10 hours and can see why people can sink hundreds of hours into it.

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