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2 Years ago
What's killing World Of Warcraft?What's killing World Of Warcraft?
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The thing that killed WoW was the introduction of the cross-server LFG tool. Prior to the LFG tool, you were forced to be social, network with people, make friends, and behave reasonably in groups, or you'd find yourself stuck without a group to go into a dungeon with. After the LFG tool hit, you could just queue up, be an arse, get kicked once in a blue moon, be a loot whore, and still manage to get into another group within 30 minutes.

By the time Cataclysm rolled around, people would queue up, and run the instances without ever chatting or talking to each other. And if you didn't pull fast enough, or heal fast enough, or run fast enough, you'd get kicked -- because what did the others care? They'd never see you again in all likelyhood.Reply
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it was dying long before that.

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