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2 Years ago
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3: release date, gameplay, multiplayer - everything we knowWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3: release date, gameplay, multiplayer - everything we know
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"Such it was for the first two games, with mods like Ultimate Apocalypse still being regularly updated by committed development teams. While neither ever had the legacy of something like Skyrim or the long-running map-making pedigree of Blizzard's games..."

The heck? no matter how I read it I laugh and go like "The fuck are you guys talking about?"
UA and a few other Mods created to DoW were/are the best examples of what a community can do and how much WE as a community can make a game big and more perfect then what the Company creating it did, Heck I'm going far to the point of saying that I'm not the only one that got the game due to the modding capabilities and the fact that great mods like UA are out, I still play DoWSS BECAUSE UA it self, and L.C is still updating the mod and adding more and more stuff to it, making it bigger and better, we didn't actually need a new DoW, or we do, but in the veins of DoW + DoWII "Commanders" upgrade and tatical gameplay, BRING THE FUCKING BASE BUILDING BACK! That's the outcry the Warhammer 40k community been asking, MAKE IT MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER on the MP department, and there? you got a fucking good game!
If DoWIII does that, heck the only thing I would say is something in the veins of Helldivers but 40k related, that would fucking ROCK!
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