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League of Legends Patch 7.24: Christmas is coming to the RiftLeague of Legends Patch 7.24: Christmas is coming to the Rift
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Why they keep nerfing some champs like sona ? Sona is already nerfed as hell and hard to play. Leona too. Its hard to find someone who enjoys playing support role, but when they actually become better or playable they nerf them down...that is why people never play them.Reply
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Sigma keep in mind the majority of the time the reason support champs are nerved at the current moment is because Ardent Sensor was so heavily buffed during Worlds 2017. As such, Riot had to re-evaluate the support position to see who else needed a nerf or buff, and they realized a lot of supports like Leona and Sona are pretty easy to play by spamming certain abilities due to their slightly unbalanced nature. So no hard feelings from Riot, just trying to balance the game. The champs don't get harder to play, you just need to play them differently, and maybe that is what you have a hard time accepting. The meta changes, you just gotta get over it. With the new runes, I think tank junglers will take top priority, like Sej. Collossal is an OP rune, and those champs will be the ones lots play. If you main support, learn how you fit within the new runes, and play to the meta and you should be fine.

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