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❤Tactical Tsundere❤ replied to a question on the Space Engineers Review
11 Months ago
Space Engineers review snippet How realistic is Space Engineers?
It's realistic enough. You won't die instantly from oxygen deprivation but you will slowly choke out, you'll continue moving at a stable speed in zero g if you turn your jetpack off midflight and if you don't check the seals on your ship you will leak oxygen. I think my main peeve with this game is the fact that there's a lack of slope sizes meaning I can't make my damn Republic Cruiser in vanilla D<
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❤Tactical Tsundere❤ responded to huldu comment in
11 Months ago
Terraria strikes double platinum - Sells over 20 million copiesTerraria strikes double platinum - Sells over 20 million copies
huldu Avatar
Great game a must play.
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"3800 items, 25 NPCs, 350 enemies, 16 bosses, and 27 biomes"

If there was ever a reason for me to stay away it'd be the fear of not knowing what the **** to do

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