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8 Months ago
The really exciting AMD Ryzen CPUs aren't launching in MarchThe really exciting AMD Ryzen CPUs aren't launching in March
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It ain't worth, if you buy a liquid cooler as you stated, you are going to add soemthing like $80-100, better stay with Intel monopoly if Ryzen performs so low.

About 1700X and 1800X that's only a marketing hype, who care about 8/16 threads if 90% of us use the pc for gaming ?
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Not really, well maybe hard to say for sure. The 4 core 4 thread is about the same price as an i3. 4 core 8 thread is about the same price as the i5. give or take a few bucks. The 4 core 8 thread should give in between i5 7600 and i7 7700 performance with the only real advantage being the i7 has a bigger clock speed given their IPC should be similar. So you could by the i5 but you wont get better performance for the same $ at least until Intel drop the prices. I think AMD have been clever with their pricing and in one hand hope they start a price war but I know they probably couldn't afford it even if they do have a kickass chip.

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