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TROLlox replied to 14 questions on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review
9 Months ago
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive review snippet How does Global Offensive compare to Source or 1.6?
All 3 games fell very different, they are still shooters, still CS but they just play differently
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TROLlox replied to a question on the Awesomenauts Review
9 Months ago
Awesomenauts review snippet Would children enjoy Awesomenauts?
Yes, game is easy to understand looks like a childs game and is a lot of fun
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TROLlox replied to 11 questions on the Portal 2 Review
10 Months ago
Portal 2 review snippet How funny is Portal 2?
It has some funny lines, nothin i laughted at but still great humor i think coop is the better side of portal
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